owl finch

April 24, 2005

a quick ink sketch done in brush on some “scratch” paper. i should have done it on a less-marked up corner; then i wouldn’t have had to resort to white out around its rump.

i’ve recently become quite fixated on these little birds.


April 22, 2005

thanks for visiting the tiny forest. please cruise the galleries for some comics and other stuff i’ve drawn. check out the news page to find out when there are new things. have a look at the about page to learn a little more about me. the log will be a place to put up sketches or little doodles i make that might be of interest.

if you want to know when there’s something new to look at without checking the website all the time, you can track the news and the log with the handy rss feed using your favorite newsreader program.

this update has been a long time coming, so if you’ve been here before, welcome back! i hope you like the changes we’ve made. if you’re new, it’s a pleasure to have you here.

xo holly